FREE: Bodybuilding Books


Frankly, I’m puzzled…

Free Bodybuilding Books

As to why these 3 fitness experts (not internet marketers):

  • Marc Lobliner, CPT
  • Chuck Rudolph MEd, RD
  • Derek “The Beast” Charlebois, CPT

Would be giving away a collection of nutrition and training manuals
that rival the systems people spend $97 or more.  It’s called the
Scivation Library and it could very well be the greatest gold mind
of bodybuilding information.

When I say ‘Giving Away’ I mean:

  1. NO Information Collection of Any Kind
  2. NO annoying guy with rock music asking you for stuff
  3. NO stupid videos of bodybuilders making fools of themselves

Valuable Library Includes: (direct download; right click save as)

  • Bulking for Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorphs
  • Cutting Competition Diet Manual
  • Pre-Contest Preparation
  • Lean Muscle Bodybuilding
  • 12 Week Female Fitness Program
  • The Diet Solution (burn fat and build muscle year round)
  • and more

If you’ve been scratching your head lately on how to get below 10%
body fat or you’ve contemplated a bodybuilding show or even if you
just want to know how do those guys and gals completely transform
their physiques?  Here’s a great resource I think you will love
called …

“The Books You Need for the Body of Your Dreams”

Disclaimer: I’m not going to lie.  It is a download off of a
supplement company website.  It was created by experts in the
field.  If you can look past the promotional pitches (they are
entitled to it for the work they did this collection) I think
you’ll find this to be a startling resource.

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

P.S. - I’m an not affiliated with Scivation in any way.  I do not
take or endorse the products.  Nobody approached me to write this
and I’m not asking for anything in return.  I’m simply amazed at
the wealth of knowledge in the PDFs.  I hope you will find them
useful and browse thru them at a later time.


“This is a bunch of supplement ads!  I can’t believe you’d promote this?”


“You obviously don’t see past the marketing.  Why don’t you go buy the latest program for $97 which will tell you 100x less by a person who can’t deadlift over 400 lbs on the best of days.  They’ll be richer and you’ll feel better.”


“The graphics for those ebooks are horrible.  LOL… they need to hire a graphics person.”


“Actually they don’t.  They are bodybuilders.  Not Internet Marketers. “