Frank Zane vs. Markus Ruhl



Frank Zane (classic bodybuilder) next to Markus Ruhl (current).


  1. Which look do you prefer if any?
  2. Is there such a thing as too big?

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Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

P.S. - I don’t have the information on who created this photo. But I’d be more than happy to give credit where credit is due.  I just can’t find a source.  If there is one, I’ll update this post to reflect that fact.

Bulking Dieters Beware: This is a Big Mistake


Photo Credit: Jill

When it comes to packing on muscle quickly, the fastest way to do that involves being in a slight calorie surplus.  But many people take this to mean, “Just eat” and eat lots and don’t worry about it.

If You’ve Been Told:

* eat everything you can to gain weight

* eat, eat and eat some more

* eating anything is faster than eating clean

* just eat damn it!

* don’t worry about getting fat on a bulk, it’s normal

Then you NEED to read the rest of this article.  You’ve been told some bad advice by people who probably don’t realize that gaining all that extra fat just won’t go away.  What’s that?  You can’t just burn it off later?  Or take these common examples…

Sadly, the skinny guy or gal, is still skinny but has a nice layer of stomach fat.  Not exactly the bulking they were hoping for when they were told to eat everything under the sun.  Or the average guy, starts lifting heavy and couldn’t be bothered with nutrition.  He/She just knows to EAT and eat lots and notices their strength going up but they are a bit fatter.  But don’t care.  That’s what it’s about.  They think “I’ll cut later and burn all this fat off later.”

In previous attempts, I’ve talked about the concept of Dirty Bulking and the term Lazy Bodybuilding evolved.

Let me explain…

If you want to put on the most muscle possible, you would engage in what’s called a ‘bulking’ diet. That is where you eat 10-15% over your maintenance level calories. The rate of muscle growth can be quite rapid at this level of caloric intake, but the rate of fat gain can often be as high as the rate of muscle gain (a 1:1 ratio).

So why would you ever want to gain fat along with the muscle?   You don’t but it’s inevitable.  Your goal is to minimize any fat gains by eating over your maintenance but only by a small amount. Not pig out or have an excuse to eat everything.  You will gain the maximum amount of muscle possible only if you stay in a caloric surplus. People who want to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time have to alternate periods of caloric surplus with periods of caloric deficit and therefore will gain muscle much more slowly.  Or they live a low-carb, higher protein diet to build muscle and lose fat.  Which works but again, is difficult to maintain and not the method used for maximum muscle growth.

Fat is part of the game and you just bulk up.  Eventually you notice you are getting more fat.  But that’s just par for the course right?

Let me tell you right now, that is a very costly mistake.  I’ve made mention that putting on fat is unavoidable, but you’ll want t:

*  keep a lid on it

*  monitor it and

*  back if off if things get out of control

I’ve seen and watched too many people go from 10% body fat to nearly 21% and CONVINCED themselves it’s just normal for a bodybuilder to plump up during the off-season.  That being fatter is normal and they’ll just cut up and get rid of it later.

What they don’t realize is the following as pointed out by Lyle McDonald, author of The Stubborn Fat Solution.  Lyle has a degree in exercise physiology from the University of California in Los Angeles, graduating in 1993. He’s dedicated nearly 20 years of his life to studying human physiology and the art, science, and practice of human performance, muscle gain, fat loss, and body recomposition.  He’s qualified to offer up the #1 reason why gaining excessive fat as an athlete is something you want to avoid.

Consider what Lyle says about body fat on Pages 8-9 of The Stubborn Fat Solution.

“There’s an old (and incorrect) idea that adult humans don’t make new fat cells.  That is, and I’ll discuss this more in a bit, you get born wit a certain number of fat cells and you may develop more at puberty or during pregnancy but that’s it; your body doesn’t make new fat cells.  Everything in that sentence is true except the last statement; even non-pregnant adults can make new fat cells.

Usually this happens when the fat cells you have reach a certain size; that is, they are as full as they can physically be.  When this occurs, the actual stretching of the fat cell stimulates the release of factors, such as Angiotensin II, prostacylin and others, which ‘tell’ the body to make new fat cells.

Unfortunately, getting rid of fat cells is nearly (but not completely) impossible.

If there is a single reason for athletes not to get too fat in the first place, this is probably it: if your fat cells get too big, your body will make new ones.  And it’s nearly impossible to get rid of the new ones.  If you are a lean athlete looking to gain weight (and realizing you must gain some body fat to do it effectively), you should keep a lid on that fat gain.  You don’t want to stimulate your body to make new fat cells.”

Your Key Take Away Point:

Your body can and will make new fat cells at any age. It’s nearly impossible to get rid of them (short of liposuction: gives credence to that practice in some ways). You can shrink them but the goal is, not to make them in the first place.  So you bulkers and gainers, monitor your progress!  Adding 10% body fat is NOT the goal!

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

The #1 Difference Between Free and Paid Information. It’s Not Just the Price.


freeTime and time again I see the discussion about free content, free bodybuilding forums, free meal plans, and how you can learn everything you need to know about building muscle or burning fat without paying a dime. In most cases, people are missing the boat on the most important point. When it comes to free, it’s not the price that’s crucial.

Most people think if you offer someone a free service, they’ll take it because the price is zero, right? Well, not exactly. In the real world, there’s another equally important concept: time.   It can be defined by the number of steps it takes to do something or learn a new idea. The more steps, the higher the cost of the product/service.

Free Information, But With a Catch

Let’s take a classic bodybuilding forum analogy. Many followers of the economy of free say: if you give information for free, there’s no reason to waste money purchasing essentially free information. But this criticism doesn’t take into account the number of steps required to learn and comprehend the information from a credible source (which is a very important and often overlooked aspect.)

So, the real analogy would be this: if you offer information for free, but anyone who wants to learn has to filter out the garbage, and somehow determine on their own the credible information, many people will simply pay for the information.

I once saw a post on a forum that shall remain nameless that said:

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle – everyone please read this!

“I ran across this super hyped, overpriced book and immediately thought to myself, (Bleep) the bros at (unnamed forum) could easily fill in all these “super-secret, mystery” questions that the $37 book is supposed to answer. I thought this might be a fun exercise. Let’s answer all the mystery questions right here on this thread.”

And that’s when I started laughing!

First, $39 is hardly overpriced for the #1 nutritional reference on the Internet today.  And to top that off, it is written so the average person can understand it and actually use it.  It’s not some techie science manual that is so hard to read, you can’t even start the program because the smoke is so thick.  This isn’t a smoke a mirror tricks folks.  This is the real deal.  I have the book.  Printed.  In a binder.

Second, there are never any claims of super-secrets.  It’s just the facts presented in logical order.  It’s much like nutrition.  It’s common sense right?  If that is so, then why is the U.S. facing a 65% obesity rating?  I guess it’s not so common.  It’s not super-secret but it is a very good manual with step by step instructions on how to eat right.

Third, if the person who posted “supposed to answer” had read it, they would know the book *does* answer the questions above.

And finally, I guess if you want to spend your life on a forum, reading post after post by unknown, unproven individuals who have no credentials that you can verify to back up their claims, then sure, you can probably find all the information in this book on the Internet.  And if you want to spend a year doing the research on your own to save $39, then I guess your time isn’t worth that much.

If you don’t have a basic understanding of nutrition (and I don’t mean the food pyramid) then this eBook will be the BEST $39 you ever spent in your life.

You need to understand that the key issue is not the price. It’s one piece of the puzzle; but there is also ease of use, the quality of the information being presented and the time it takes to learn something and put the concepts into action.

I’ve spent my entire career wading through the conflicting information, testing and retesting theories and their accompanying systems. I’ve gone the distance for my own benefit and for my clients, and I can tell you without a doubt that it’s very rare that program comes along that so fully resonates with me that I just cannot keep my mouth shut about it. I’m writing today to tell you about one such system called Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle. I invested in this system back in 2003 and haven’t once regretted that decision. In fact, to this day, I still go back and reference it for motivation, nutrition, and fat loss information. Burn the Fat has earned a special place for me as a professional, and I fully support it.

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Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

“OPERATION MOTIVATION” – too good to miss


motivation_propulsionIf you’ve been with us for very long, you’ve noticed that I am not the bandwagon type when it comes to recommending products. It’s not just because I am picky about what I approve, it’s because I’ve reviewed many programs and systems that just don’t hold enough true value. This is one opportunity that I am fully behind and strongly support. This is the solution for anyone, male or female, who has ever fallen off the workout wagon or succumbed to diet relapse, binges or just too much over-indulgence.

It’s called, “OPERATION MOTIVATION”, a simple system that gives you a proven, practical and scientifically-verified solution to every type of motivation problem and “I CAN”T STICK WITH IT” problem.

If you’ve ever been stumped, baffled, frustrated or downright MAD because you just couldn’t motivate yourself to get up early and hit the gym or eat healthy meals consistently all week long, then this is something you do NOT want to miss.

“Operation Motivation” is the latest from fat loss expert, Tom Venuto. Inside the 7 special PDF ebooks and reports, you’ll learn exactly HOW to setup a motivational propulsion system, and why you need to get your mind working for you before you even start a diet or workout program.

Tom should know. Not only is he one of the most respected fat loss and nutrition experts in the industry today, he is also a META level Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Master, having studied under some of the top motivation and psychology mentors in the world. This isn’t pop psychology, mumbo-jumbo. It’s scientifically-confirmed
strategies for building a motivational plan for life.

So when a guy like Tom speaks about motivation, you definitely want to hear what he has to say. This is a small sampling of what you’ll learn from him:

* MOTIVATIONAL PROPULSION SYSTEMS: How to program your mind to
automatically and habitually exercise your body (If this doesn’t
light a FIRE under your butt, nothing will).

mind-body connection with the techniques sports psychologists have
been teaching for decades, along with 1 new twist.

* SUCCESS SEMANTICS: The psychological explanation for how Words
can enhance or destroy your health and how to turn failure talk
into success talk.

* THE GOAL ACHIEVER’S SECRET WEAPON: How a cheap little “tool” can
install positive success programming into your mind.

* END EMOTIONAL EATING: Eating to cope with stress, depression or
other feelings, or eating for the wrong reasons can totally
undermine the best nutrition plan. Learn the 5-step formula to stop
it once and for all.

* SELF IMAGE SECRETS: How the hidden image you hold of yourself in
your mind is the prime reason for diet sabotage (and the same
reason that 90% of lottery winners blow their winnings).

From now until Midnight (PST), July 17th,
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Tom and I set high standards because there is such a lack of high quality products for fitness seekers and bodybuilders.

I can tell you without hesitation that Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is 100% real. The testimonials and results are absolutely phenomenal, verified, and undeniable. It hasn’t been a best-seller since 2003 for no reason.

The people behind it are part of the “quiet giants” club. Far different from the “boys club” or brat pack, this club is reserved only for the best and brightest among us – people who succeed time and time again.

On the few occasions that I do promote, it is because I’ve picked the rare finds we think is one of the most important, if not THE most important tools you should own.

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Enjoy. I mean it!

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

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Obesity Statistics: Unpleasant for the United States


Photo Credit: Kyle May

Photo Credit: Kyle May

This can’t be?  A report from the Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). called “F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies are Failing in America” released obesity statistics for 2008.

What You Need to Know:

  • Adult obesity rates increased in 23 states and did not decrease in a single state in 2008
  • The percentage of obese or overweight children is at or above 30% in 30 states

Two-thirds of American adults are either obese or overweight. In 1991, no state had an obesity rate above 20%. In 1980, the national average for adult obesity was 15%. Sixteen states experienced an increase for the second year in a row, and 11 states experienced an increase for the third straight year.

As far as I’m concerned, as fitness professionals we are FAILING.  It’s not for the lack of trying or effort.  But the cause isn’t just adults.  There’s a very good interview with Jack LaLanne called Blazing Trails.

Let me leave you with what Jack said…

On one hand, I’m very encouraged by the number of people exercising today. There are more people exercising than I’ve ever seen before. On the other hand, there are more fat people today than ever before in our nation’s history. Our message isn’t reaching as many people as it needs to. We should be talking to kids in kindergarten and first grade. We should be teaching them about physical activity and nutrition. It’s just as important for developing their brains as is reading, writing and arithmetic. ~ Jack LaLanne

What Can You Do About It?

If you’ve got children, talk to them.  Learn how to read a nutrition label.  It’s great adults want to become healthy but if childhood obesity is already at 30%, those statistics will only rise.

View The Full Report with Obesity Statistics per State

How would you solve this problem?

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

Creatine Causes Roid Rage!?


Do you ever wonder why some people ask the craziest questions about some supplement?

Like why they’ve heard Creatine is a steroid?  Or how come Brand X protein causes a roid rage when taken by somebody male who’s young?  Or that high protein diets CAUSE kidney stones.

The answer is quite obvious.

Consumers for the most part, put forth very little effort into supplement research. To complicate matters, they don’t even know where to begin to do any research.  Most people get advice about supplements from 3 places: