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The Body Fat Solution

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
The Body Fat Solution

The Body Fat Solution

September 30th, 2008

After months of Tom eluding to this hardcover book, he finally gave the scoop.  Not only the scoop but an image of The Body Fat Solution along with a summary of what to expect.  And of course, if you are part of his Burn The Fat Inner Circle (I’m there too) then you will get support for this new book as well as some juicy details well before the launch including some principles he’s going to discuss.

The Body Fat Solution Overview:

In The Body Fat Solution, Venuto outlines the five principles that will retrain your mind and body for automatic success. Determined to help you keep the fat off for good, Tom shows you how to:

• change your vision through manageable goals for indomitable confidence
• eat healthy, delicious food almost unconsciously and shed the pounds effortlessly
• maximize your metabolism to jolt out of plateaus
• reshape your body through lean muscle training for a strong core and toned frame
• invite a supportive social network of friends, family, and mentors to help you achieve your dream for life

What Tom Said:

“I’ve been holding off on making this announcement until everything was 100% official and as of today, it is 100% official…

After 18 months since the initial idea was proposed and after 9 months of writing in earnest, I’ve finished my new book, THE BODY FAT SOLUTION. The manuscript has been officially accepted by Avery, an imprint of Penguin books, a major New York city publishing company.

The publication date is now also official – it will be released on December 26th, 2008 and we will be doing our first major publicity tour the first or second week in January 2009.

The Body Fat Solution is Released! Full details here.

There will be a Body Fat Solution website. However, after a lot of thought, I’ve decided not to start a new community site just for this new book. I will be fully supporting discussion about THE BODY FAT SOLUTION, right here in the Burn The Fat Inner Circle. I figured there should be no reason for you to have to join another site when I can provide support for the book right here.

Now… I have a feeling that I am going to be bombarded with questions, and I’m almost certain that some of the first ones that will come up here in the Inner Circle will include:

* Why another diet or fat loss book?
* Why didn’t you do a muscle building book?
* How is The Body Fat Solution different than Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle?
* How is The Body Fat Solution different from other hard cover weight loss books?
* Is there anything new in The Body Fat Solution that is not already in Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle?

I am going to be answering all these questions and many more next week in a special audio interview with Kyle Battis. I’m not sure if it will be a live teleconference call where you can dial in and listen live, or if Kyle and I will simply record it and post the MP3 here in the site. We will let you know when we finalize that call.

I will be posting more information and previews soon and as Inner Circle members, you will get the inside scoop on everything first and I’m going to be sharing a lot of my new concepts and research with you here exclusively in the Inner Circle.

Stay tuned, I will be posting much more info soon!”

I fully expect an autographed copy Tom!  :-)

The Body Fat Solution is Released! Full details here.

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