Weight Gain Tips You Should Never Follow


Stupid Weight Gain Tips

Do you find yourself wanting to gain weight but frustrated with how to do it?  If you’ve ever been a hardgainer, a skinny guy or gal and wanted to pack on the muscle, there’s things you can do that will get you to your goal.  But there’s plenty of awful advice being given.  It seems like a common sense thing but to those who are desperate to pack on the pounds, at the time it seems like okay advice.  Then you step back, get some perspective and some education and it’s like a Homer Simpson “doh!”  The light comes on and you realize how bad the advice was and that it just set you back even further.

Before I start off the Top 10 list, I want to make it clear that it’s not my intention to only point out the mistakes and then offer up no solutions.  Too many times when I’m in the gym, I hear somebody telling their buddy “Shame on you,” or “That’s why you aren’t able to gain weight,” or “Don’t do it like that!,” and then they offer up nothing as a solution.  I’m going to spend 1% on the mistake but I want to spend 99% of my time on the solution to this bad advice so you can learn as quickly as possible what to do without wasting any more time.  I’ll offer up the weight gain tip mistake and follow it up with a better solution to the problem.

When you are trying to gain weight it usually starts off with a question like this…

Anyone have any “home remedies” or suggestions that can help me put on a few pounds?

And then the bad advice flows like the water thru a huge crack in a dam.

I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants when I read a Best Answer on Yahoo Answers to a common weight gain question.

“If you want to gain a lot of weight, you should eat a lot of junky foods. (Chips, cakes, candy, cookies, etc.) But if you don’t wanna get super duper fat then you should very rarely swim and jump rope when you are finished eating.”

Read that again folks, this is a common style of answer that gets the BEST VOTE on major network sites with millions of eyes.   Remember that hardgainers, don’t swim much and jump rope after you eat.   I bet that’s how Ronnie Coleman got so huge!  Damn him for not telling us sooner.

Here’s a short list of the Top 10 Stupidest Weight Gain Tips I’ve ever seen.

Weight Gain Tip Mistake #1: Eat Fast Food

By far the most popular piece of advice given to nearly all individuals struggling with weight gain.  The first piece of advice they get is to rush out and start slamming down cheap, low quality foods, including eating butter and drinking vegetable oil!  If a person is “underweight”, they should deny NOTHING and eat EVERYTHING.; McDonalds and KFC included. Does it work?  You bet it does but it’s not the kind of quality weight you want to gain (although some people don’t seem to care what the weight is as long as they gain it which is puzzling) If you are looking to pack on muscle, you can eat a lot but going the fast food route is typical of the lazy bodybuilder.   It’s a low class move that certainly has it’s place in some circles but if you are wondering how to gain weight, learn the right way.  There’s a good list of how to gain weight in six simple steps.  If you eat enough high quality calories, frequently enough, you will put on quality muscle mass in conjunction with weight training.  Eating unhealthy foods will not build muscle quicker.  Take a few minutes to learn the very basics of how to gain weight and avoid the shortcut of eating junk foods and fast foods thinking it somehow is the fast way to build muscle.  It’s not.

Weight Gain Tip Mistake #2: Candy, Candy Candy

In high school I asked the biggest guy in the gym who just stacked the Nautilus bench press how to gain weight.  He looked at me seriously and said, “Eat a Snickers bar.  Eat candy.  Lots of calories.  You’ll gain weight.” Now if he was joking, it didn’t look like it but being desperate and frustrated, I did what he told me.  Every day after gym, I’d eat candy.  Being skinny, I didn’t put on any serious weight but I did get a cavity and I didn’t learn a thing about eating healthy.   The solution for extra calories via snacking would have been healthy fat options like almonds or peanuts.  They can add some serious calories if you need them without the ill effects of just eating junk foods that have empty calories and barely any nutritional value.

Weight Gain Tip Mistake #3: Fruit Juices

Tons of liquid calories and completely processed to it’s lowest form.  Now 100% fruit juice can be healthy without a doubt but drinking liquid calories is going to do literally nothing for serious long term weight gain.  The truth is, it’s a lot of sugar with little value in packing on weight through proteins and starchy carbohydrates.  Drink juice if you want but it’s not a weight gain solution. What you can do as a solution is to make a fruit juice smoothie for extra calories and add in other weight gaining substances like peanut butter, protein powders that will add calories to your overall nutritional plan.  Use this with caution as it’s easy to overeat and anything not utilized, can be stored as fat.  In essence, you can make your own homemade weight gainer at a fraction of the cost.  If you want to know more about making your own supplements, see Homemade Supplement Secrets.

Weight Gain Tip Mistake #4: Accept It, It’s In Your Genes

If you are skinny, count your lucky starts but it’s not in the cards for you to be muscular.  I’ve seen it and heard it as weight gain advice being given.  Beyond genetics, your potential to gain weight can be changed! If you are a skinny guy, it will take some work but you can pack on serious muscle mass.  Starting off in high school, I didn’t weight over 135 lbs on any day.  Now I’m easily at 191 lbs without having to put forth the effort you’d think to maintain the mass.  It was hard work but through proper nutrition, tracking what I ate, knowing how many calories a day to eat, I did pack on lean body mass over a period of 6 month.  It was amazing and all I needed was to avoid the short term solutions in this list and start EATING, eating good foods and eating frequently.  You don’t have to accept it and it is not genetics to be skinny all your life. 99% of skinny, hardgainers truly haven’t tried putting forth the effort.  They quickly buy into the genetics statement and give up.  Start learning how many calories you need and then start eating, taking a cooler to work or whatever to pack in the food.  Forget weight gainers and shakes (they have a purpose) and start eating.

Take this DARE

Step 1: Go to FitDay

Step 2: Input everything you eat for 3 days

Step 3: Evaluate it

For example, you might be shocked to see that you need 3600 calories to gain weight and in reality, you are only eating a mere 1800 and playing 5 hours of basketball.  That’s why you are skinny.  Not genetics.  A little tracking to bring reality into the situation can go a long way to providing you critical insight as to why you aren’t gaining weight.

Weight Gain Tip Mistake #5: Weight Gainer 4000… BEEFCAKE!

Frankly it’s a quick, expensive way to be lazy for those who haven’t invested any time in attempting to consume enough calories.  Weight gainers (Slim Fast Shakes, Ensure) have value, there’s little doubt in my mind but more often than not, the people who use them are under eating to begin with and quickly latch on to what they have been told is a “healthy” way to quickly add the calories they need.  If you are eating enough calories, it’s useful in circumstances to add in thousands of calories that you cannot otherwise get through foods without seriously spending 8 hours a day eating.  For most, they barely eat 3 meals and add in 3 weight gainers and see some results.  But as quickly as the results come, they stop taking it and lose the weight.  Relying on a weight gainer when you are trying to gain weight is a serious mistake.  Once you are eating enough whole foods or if you seriously cannot get the calories you need per day but come close, that’s where a weight gainer makes sense.  But not as an excuse to pack on pounds because packing a lunch and a few snacks is to time consuming.

Weight Gain Tip Mistake #6: Protein Overload

Who hasn’t been told that the only way to gain weight is to increase your protein intake.  Unfortunately, excessive protein is not going to pack on the weight.   Getting enough protein per day as required to build muscle is easy… getting enough calories per day isn’t.  Once your body has enough, protein will be stored as fat (although less likely) or excreted.  Protein sources like chicken, fish and lean red meats don’t have enough calories for most of us skinny people to hit our numbers.  So the old adage to “get your protein” works to some degree but it’s not the ideal food for your calorie requirements.  The solution is to increase your carbohydrates and change your macronutrient ratios to reflect this.  All too often I see a nutrition plan that is 55% protein, 30% carbs and 15% fats.  Once the individual changes it to 55% carbs, 25% protein and 20% fats, it makes a world of difference.  By consuming higher quality carbs like sweet potatoes, oatmeal, yams, whole wheat pastas, whole grain breads and brown rice to name a few, you suddenly up your calorie intake by hundreds and start to gain weight.

Weight Gain Tip Mistake #7: Inadequate Water Consumption

Your body is around 70% water.  All too often, the skinny guy or gal isn’t drinking water.  Not nearly enough and any liquids being consumed are in the form of energy drinks, coffee, shakes or soda.  None of which are actually going to be a replacement for good old, plain water.  In order for your body’s functions to process the protein, foods and to hydrate the cells, you must consume enough water.  Simply by increasing your water intake, you can start to put on weight and not just water weight.  How much water should you drink can be complex or as quick as taking your current body weight, divide that in half and drink that much in ounces per day.

Weight Gain Tip Mistake #8: Spouting High Calorie Requirements

Oh you are skinny?  You need to eat 3600 calories per day.  Huh?  You know nothing about this person, their age, their current weight, their body composition and yet you toss down a number as if 3600 is the magic number of skinny people to gain weight?  If you go from 1800 calories a day to some number that’s too high, you’ll find it nearly impossible to eat that much food if you are not used to it and anything in excessive can be stored as fat.  The solution is simple.  Figure out roughly how many calories a day you need to eat now, to gain weight and when you start gaining weight, adjust that on a weekly or monthly basis given your new body composition.  Just eating a ton of food, randomly without any reference point will either lead to excessive fat gains and/or a total abandonment of the process when you start to hate eating that much food in one sitting without having the body mass or the activity levels to support it.

Just because Michael Phelps can eat an entire menu for breakfast doesn’t mean you can or should given that you don’t swim 5-6 hours a day and aren’t an Olympic level athlete.  Eat based on your needs and your goals, not some fake numbers or how somebody who clearly isn’t you, eats.  Make eating personal.

Weight Gain Tip Mistake #9: Train Like An Bull, Eat Like a Flea

The smallest guy at my gym that easily does 23 pull-ups and trains like an animal, couldn’t tell me what he ate for breakfast but when directly asked, he gave the typical skinny guy response.  “I eat a lot.” Like what I asked.  He looked puzzled.  I told him to take the Dare in Tip #4 above.  When I saw him again, 1 day later and asked, he said he’d get to it later that week.  That’s why he’s skinny and can’t gain weight.  He trains hard and trains consistently but the other 23 hours of the day, who knows.  He doesn’t even know.  His nutrition doesn’t support his weight training endeavors to pack on mass.  Vince Gironda once said that bodybuilding is 80% nutrition.  That means, you can have a pretty lousy weight training routine and if you eat properly and eat enough, you’ll look very good.  But in most cases, people train hard and then fail to support the training they just did through proper nutrition and with enough calories.  Are you one of those people?  You train hard but totally fail when it comes to nutrition?  You grow when you are out of the gym.  You spend 1 hour training and the other 23 hours recovering and supporting that growth thru nutrition.  It’s important!  If you train like an animal and eat like a flea, correct that ASAP and you’ll see some immediately gains in weight and muscle mass.

Weight Gain Tip Mistake #10: Not Eating Enough

By far the most common weight gain mistake and the best weight gain tips of them all.  Eat but don’t just eat anything and everything in site.  No drinking vegetable oil or eating butter.  Gaining weight is about eating just a little more calories than you currently need to maintain your current weight over a pro-longed period of time to put on mass slowly.  Rapid weight gain is not only hard on the heart and other organs but it usually leads to excessive body fat increases.  Taking the time to calculate your calories, eat frequently during the day and engaging in a proper weight training routine is all it takes to start seeing results.  Most skinny individuals truly believe they have tried everything to gain weight when in fact they have skipped the most important steps to weight gain.

#1: Calculating your daily calorie requirements

#2: Tracking what you eat

Just eating or guessing is a surefire way to stay skinny. It takes effort and some simple calculations but soon enough you will be putting on weight.  Short of a medical issue or some other rare, unforeseen problem, there’s no reason why you are any different from the rest of us skinny guys who learned how to gain weight by using some common sense weight gain tips.  Don’t follow the advice that preaches shortcuts.  I’ve tired them all (except the vegetable oil) and none of them worked for me in the long term.

If you want more weight gain tips and advice on how to build muscle, head over and grab your copy of the “19 Tips to Build 5 Pounds of Muscle in 30 Days.”

Until next time, I hope you are eating!

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

How To Help Your Child or Teen Lose Weight


Date: Monday, September 15, 2008

Rumor Heard:

This comes straight from Jeff Anderson, the author of Optimum Anabolics.  He’s releasing a series of help books for parents and children to address health and fitness at an earlier age called How To Help Your Child or Teen Lose Weight.

Here’s what’s included:

1. Main eBook
2. Metabolism Makeover For Children (And Parents!) – ebook
3  How To Raise Your Child’s Self Esteem – ebook
4. Fast, Fit, Kid-Friendly Snacks & Meals – ebook
5. Health Nut Family Secrets – mp3 audio

Why Jeff is Doing This:

“When I take my son to school, I’m AMAZED at how overweight some children are.

It infuritates me!

Yeah, there’s the “health” aspect to it but frankly, kids don’t know (or care) much about that.

It’s the EMOTIONAL IMPACT from the bullying and teasing that does the real damage at this age!

I was always one to stick up for these kids in school so I’m hoping to make a real impact on at least an educational level with this project.”

Congratulations Jeff!  I hope this turns out to be a success.  Getting to the younger generation now could help combat the impending obesity problem the United States and the rest of the world is facing.  Giving parents the resources they need to educate their children while making it fun sounds to me like a fantastic idea.

Build Bigger Biceps and Triceps in 7 Minutes

Boyer Coe - Champion Bodybuilder of the Golden Age

Boyer Coe

There is some debate among bodybuilders about the best way to build your biceps. Is it high volume training? High intensity training? Exercising the biceps twice a week? Here’s what I’ve done to personally put on .25 inches on my biceps in just 4 brief, 7 minute workouts…

If you’ve struggled trying to put size on your biceps and triceps, this could be the most interesting article you’ve about to read.  Many people would like more muscular arms and so they have a notion that they need to do more volume training.

Soon enough, you find yourself working your biceps and triceps twice a week for 60 minutes!  Of course, you don’t notice much in terms of progress and you wonder what else you can do.

But first a word of caution:  This routine isn’t for beginners.  It’s for advanced trainees who know their body, who can and will engage in high intensity work and have an open mind.

If you have 7 minutes, twice a week, this is a 4 week plan that is guaranteed to put a quarter inch on your biceps.  Maybe more, maybe less but one thing is for sure.  It’s going to be tough.

Introducing the Unvarnished Arm Routine!

Take a step back in time and meet Boyer Coe who won the 1969 AAU Mr. America and the 1969 NABBA Mr. Universe.  Boyer is said to be one of the first athletes to use this unique arm routine.  He’s also said to have biceps and triceps that were too big for his body.  A problem many males would welcome.

If you’ve ever thought of getting your arms too big for your body, then this may very well be the routine that pushes them over the edge.

The Unvarnished Routine:

* One-repetition chin up, immediately followed by
* Standing biceps curl with barbell
* One minute rest
* One-repetition dip, immediately followed by
* Standing triceps extension with one dumbbell

While this already seems simple enough, take the time to familiarize yourself with each part of this routine.  Done correctly, in precise form, you’ll work every muscle fiber in the shortest amount of time possible.  Some theories say the higher the intensity, in a short amount of time, leads to the biggest growth in muscle.  Let me explain the routine.

Biceps Cycle:

One-Repetition Chin Up:  The one repetition chin up isn’t just a single rep in your standard, leg swinging, gravity assisted, typical gym-goer.  This is a 60 seconds up and 60 seconds down single rep.

You may need to read that again but I did say it is 60 seconds up and 60 seconds down.

Immediately going into the next exercise…

Standing Biceps Curl: Just like it sounds.  You finish your one repetition chin up and you immediately do a barbell biceps curl for 8 reps.  The weight you use will be slightly different and you’ll need to keep that in mind.  Boyer Coe is said to have done his bicep curl with 100 lbs for 8 strict reps.  Any person that can do the same is not only beyond strong but in amazing cardiovascular shape.  You may want to underestimate your own strength and take something you know you could for 8 reps cold and use 60% of that weight.

Now take a one minute rest after your biceps workout and get ready because in just 60 seconds, you are doing the same concepts for you triceps.

Triceps Cycle:

One-Repetition Dip: Starting off from the rock bottom position, you slowly move yourself up, inch by inch in 60 seconds.  Once at the top, it’s 60 seconds to the bottom position of the dip.  Body weight is fine.  No weight needed.

Immediately going into the next exercise….

Standing Triceps Extension: Grab your dumbbell of choice and do 8 repetitions of a strict, standing dumbbell triceps extension.  If you normally can do 80 to 100 pounds cold, you might want to use something around 50-55 lbs.  According to Coe, he used 55 lbs and it felt like a ton.  If you can’t even get close to 8 reps, or your cheating the weight up, it’s way to heavy.

If there ever was a time to leave your ego at the door, it’s with this routine.  Doing as much weight as possible will not get you the results you want.  Be realistic.

Tips for Getting the Best Results:

* Get your barbell ready and your dumbbell for the triceps extension in place.
Once you finish your 60 second chin up and dip, you’ve got to move quickly.  As in 2 seconds or less to the next exercise.  Having the equipment in place ensures there is no hold up if you have to wait for the equipment or setup the
exercise.  It’s all ready to go.

* Move slowly during the chin up and dip. Go inch by inch.  Whatever length of time it takes to get to the top, that’s the goal for getting to the bottom.  30 seconds up and 30 seconds down will be most difficult for most but a reasonable goal to start this challenge.

* Get a friend to call out the time. It will take enough out of you to actually do the exercise.  It’s almost impossible to count in your mind or focus on a clock.  It’s 100% easier if you can leave the time keeping up to a spotter or friend and focus on the chin up and dip.  You won’t need time keeping for the biceps curl or the triceps extension.

* Following this routine exactly as outlined. You might feel after some rest you can do it again.  Don’t.  Also, don’t make the mistake of warming up too much when doing this as it takes so much on the initial try, that a bunch of warm ups will only serve to make that first chin up impossible.

* Perform this routine twice a week for two consecutive weeks. After that, discontinue it’s use, go back to your normal routine and keep this one around for use again in a couple of weeks.

In just seven minutes from now, you could be putting inches on your biceps in a most non-traditional method.  This routine was used by Boyer Coe and became one of the many HIT routines in existence today.  It’s the less is more approach but don’t be fooled.  This routine is as tough if not tougher than 45 minutes
in the gym blasting your biceps.

In 2006, Dr. Ellington Darden, the author of “The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results” concluded a test on 38 men and 2 women.  They signed up to participate in this 2 week Bigger-Arms Challenge.  The average starting arm size was 14.5 inches.

The routine was exactly as described above with the addition on week 2, a negative only chin up and a negative only dip.  All the participants did the 2 or 3 exercises, twice a week for those 2 weeks.  Then the results were delivered by each participant.

In just 2 weeks, from 4 brief, 7 minute workouts, the average gain for each arm was 0.21 of an inch!  That’s from just 4 brief workouts.

Now grab your stopwatch and go see if you can’t put almost a quarter inch on your biceps!

Don’t shy away from the 100% effort and you will get excellent results.

Video Lesson: 3 Steps to Bigger Biceps


Advanced “Mass Building” Technique Discovered!

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You won’t believe this training technique when you see it!

But the “before and after” pictures don’t lie!

Forget what you THOUGHT you knew about building muscle…this breaks ALL the rules!

- Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

10 Reasons You Are Not a Successful Bodybuilder


Photo Credit: Pasma

Most people want to be successful. They set goals and then the hard work begins to reach those goals. But the real question is what is success? Bodybuilding success can mean different things to different people.

For example, my friend Jeff Anderson doesn’t define success as himself being some mass monster. He defines it thru the e-mails, phone calls and letters he receives from clients that are thrilled with their results from the programs he creates. Other bodybuilders are focused on their own personal progress and only consider something a success if they win a bodybuilding show. Again, another defines success based on how they look and what personal records they can beat. Or a person might define success as losing fat and once again enjoying life and being able to do things with their children.

Success comes in all different shapes and sizes but has one thing in common with all the above examples regardless of race, gender, age, religion, etc.

Success is important and it takes work to reach.

No matter how you define your specific success when it comes to building muscle, burning fat or just getting into better shape, here’s a list of 10 things that can make you into your own bodybuilding success story. These are ways to better yourself as a person, proven methods that all the pros use to reach their success potential.

1.  Realize Your Potential

In order to succeed at anything, you need to see that you have the potential to reach your goals. Just think about that for a second. You cannot change your potential – but it’s probably greater than you think. Sure, we classify people into ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs but you can change that quality. Just the other day, somebody referred to me as “the big guy.” When I was 130 lbs soaking wet in high school, I never ever was called the big guy. In any situation! I’ve learned in 17 years of bodybuilding that I’ve still not reached my potential.

2.  Don’t Look Back

Who doesn’t have mistakes when it comes to training or nutrition? I’ve made my living telling other people how to avoid the same ones I did. But don’t dwell on them. Be sure to learn from them but don’t get stuck in the past and focused on all the things you did wrong as that leads to you just staying put where you are and in a rut. Look forward and vow the next meal or the next workout, you won’t make the same errors. Learn from your mistakes but don’t relive them.

3.  Dare to Dream

Let me explain. When I was in the gym last Friday, I overheard this one guy telling his buddy he’d “never reach 230 lbs because nobody natural our size can do that.” If you believe that, more than likely it will come true. You’ve squashed your dreams and you’ve put a limit on your potential. Both things nobody, not even a gene specialist can tell you! You want to be ripped, huge, muscular.. then dream it. Ever night when I was living at home with my parents I dreamed of two things. First, to own a ride a motorcycle. Second, to be muscular and big. In my opinion, I got both. I rode for many years and I’m 190 lbs today, something I never ever thought was possible because I was just too small from the start.

4.  Body Plan

Create a Bodybuilding Plan as your very first step if you are planning to build a house. The Body Plan will consist of nutrition, training, mental and mindset techniques and supplement options, everything about your goal. This is by far the most important aspect of all. In order to reach your goals, you need to know exactly where you are today and what you intend to do to reach your goals. Know what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, how to train, what to train, and more. You’ve heard a million times that you never want to step foot in the gym without a plan. Having a plan for all aspects of your bodybuilding endeavors ensures you will get there. Every single person I know who’s failed, frustrated and complained, when I asked them for their specific plan. Didn’t have one!

5.  Don’t Give Up

Heck, if I gave up after making all the mistakes I did, getting e-mails from people telling me I don’t know jack crap about fitness, I’d yank the cord on my computer, eat all day, watch TV and just work for a paycheck. Oh wait.. then I’d be like most people who give up. Don’t give up. If you are 120 lbs or 400 lbs reading this right now, it’s totally possible for you to change and shape your body as you desire. To reach success, you have to persevere. Even Thomas Edison had to learn this. When he was creating the incandescent light bulb, it took him more than 10,000 times to get it right. Keep striving even when it becomes challenging.

6.  Have An Unstoppable Attitude

Listen, if you want to lose 40 lbs or more of fat or become the best bodybuilder you can in your weight class, you can’t let other people or little things get in your way. You need to have determination. With good intentions, there may be a close friend or family member that feels it would be better if you focused your attention in another direction. Uphold your unstoppable attitude, determined to succeed. Or if you prefer, give up and then talk about how you tried your best to build muscle or off the fat and just be happy at home complaining. Fact: Every single person who’s lost the weight or went from zero to hero in terms of muscle has not be stopped by somebody else. They wanted it so bad that the frustrations and failures didn’t deter them. They kept at it until they found that “ah-ha” moment like learning how to ride a bike for the first time.

7.  Stop the Complaining

Let’s face it, you start talking negative and telling somebody how you are just too busy at work to get in shape or you are too tired to hit the gym, then it’s not really a shock if you never reach your goals. Take that negative energy and if need be get mad! Then direct it towards doing something about it. You might think there is no correlation between complaining and success when in fact there is a connection. When you are spending time complaining about the obstacles you are facing, you are wasting so much time being negative that you are actually loosing chances to move forward. Instead of thinking of challenges as problems, think of them as opportunities.

8.  Focus on Something You Like

It’s simple. If you like nutrition, focus on learning more about it. If you hate it, then learn the very basics and leave it at that. As much as I love bodybuilding, I don’t care for the scientific mumbo-jumbo these meatheads use when it comes to building muscle. Nobody truly knows to be honest and I couldn’t care less. I focused on the exercises, workouts, and meal plans I like and make it interesting. To increase your chance of succeeding, you should concentrate your efforts on something you enjoy. If you HATE doing cardio on the machines, then swim, play basketball, hike. Find an activity you like and make it into a workout. Make it fun. If you dislike doing something so much, you’ll come up with a million excuses not to do it.

9.  No Shortcuts

Make no mistake, bodybuilding isn’t for the lazy. If you have no time for it, you won’t succeed. If you can’t make time for health, health will make time for you soon enough (and not in a good way). I receive several e-mails a month from people telling me why they can’t do something but they want to be the next Jay Cutler or America’s Top Model. So sorry guys and gals but there’s no shortcuts to something that requires hard work. Even you males out there that think.. “He’s on steroids.” Still, it’s not like they are lazy and not working hard. An old cliché states, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” This should be your motto. When you want to succeed, you cannot afford to take shortcuts. Taking shortcuts leads to imperfection and inadequacies and potentially injuries.

10.  Share Your Success

Although this may be more at the end of the process, it is important. When you finally do reach your goal, use your experience to teach, guide, and mentor others so that they too might succeed. What worked for you? How did you do it? People learn from others and while you might think you struggled, most of us who have reached a goal, struggled to get there as well. Lend a helping hand, give some tips and tricks you used to get where you are today.

11.  Toxic Poisoning

No, we are not talking about colon cleansing or other b.s. subjects but toxic people that can poison. Unfortunately, it would be great if close friends or co-workers could share in your success but all too often, there will be someone who is either dealing with the “green monster” of jealousy or has a case of the “I knew that” syndrome. If you are serious about reaching your goal and being successful, you will need to rid your life of these people. While you may not be able to get them out of your life completely, you should avoid them as best as possible. If this is a person, you see every day, keep your goals to yourself, and avoid that specific subject.

There is no better gratification than being successful. Accept that you are in for some hard work but the results will be incredible. Use these tips as guidelines and step outside the box. Take action and succeed!

Got a success story of your own? Post a comment below and Share It! I’d love to know if these tips or what tips you used to reach your goals. So would others.

Here’s to your NoBull Unstoppable Attitude,

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

Thank You for the Weight Loss Mind Map

How to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight

I’d like to share an e-mail I received from Kevin Kimmel about the weight loss mind map.

“Today whilst on the Sounder Commuter train from Tukwila to Seattle I started to listen to your podcast.  When I saw the title on weight loss I decided to start with that one first, I have so far listened to it three times today.  Three months ago I went to the doctor and found out that I was a diabetic (blood sugar at 267), which is understandable since I weighed in at 442 pounds (5″9′) with family history of diabetes.  My doctor said that if I did not get my weight off he would more than likely be cutting off my feet before I died.  So I considered that a great motivation factor and started changing my lifestyle.  I have not been counting calories as of yet but I started eating four small meals with snack in between my meals.  I no longer eat fast foods and measure everything morsel of food out.  Now it is three months later and I have lost 54lbs which of course makes me happy, but now that I am eating very healthy I want complete body health.  I knew I needed to write everything out and somehow create a way to monitor every part of my health, but did not know how to begin.  I had gone out and bought a white board to start graphing out my weight, goals and exercise.  But since I did not know how to put it together, the white board has not been hung up on the wall and still has not had the first mark on it.  So you can understand why I got real excited when I listened to your podcast.  When I arrived at work, I went to the link for the overview map and opened it up.  I could swear that I heard angels singing with a full orchestra.  This is going to make an incredible difference in my goal for complete body health.  I might leave early from work so I can get my white board hung and start moping.  So thank you so much for taking the time to creating this overview map, it is deeply appreciated.”

You are very welcome Kevin.  Once I got my hands on that particular piece of software, I only had a short trial.  I opted to create something useful that even the highest priced books don’t show you.  A lot of us are visual learners.  While we read and learn how to do many things, unless it’s mapped out in a step by step process, many of the small stuff (important stuff) gets lost in the jumble of the 10,000 tips and tricks and fundamentals we’re supposed to do.

I hope this mind map can help others.  Print it out!