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Burn the Fat Inner Circle: Sneak Peak

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

A sneak peak inside Tom Venuto’s premier fat loss support community called, Burn The Fat Inner Circle. In this video you won’t find hype or scarcity tactics. What you will learn is more about the features of joining a fitness site with professional information, a moderated and friendly message forum and exclusive articles and interviews found nowhere else. Membership does have it’s advantages and you will see those benefits inside this short video walk-thru of Burn The Fat Inner Circle.

Here’s just a small sample of the vast resources you will have unlimited access to as a member of the Burn The Fat Inner Circle:

* Audio Interviews
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* News Headlines
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* Tools and Calculators

CLICK HERE to join and take advantage of the $1.00 limited-time trial offer that includes 30 days of full, unlimited access.

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No Evidence To Suggest Drinking More Water Is Healthy

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

water drop
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” The belief that we need eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy is a myth, researchers say.”

As I continued to read this article, it went on to say that most of us get the fluids we need to avoid dehydration from other liquids including coffee and tea. Furthermore, there’s no evidence to suggest that an increased intake of water does anything healthy.

In fact, this article and the researches said, “The scientists concluded there was no clear evidence that drinking more water was healthy.”

“Tea and the sort of coffee you get in Britain are fine for rehydrating – the diuretic effects of caffeine are massively outweighed by the fluids in those drinks. There are millions of people who get most of their fluids from tea without any ill effects.”Ursula Arens, a spokesman for the British Dietetic Association

Maybe the 8 glasses of water a day rule seems crazy. Maybe our focus on water consumption is a bit over the top at times. But I strongly disagree that all you need to do is rely on being thirsty when most people I know aren’t thirsty too much after drinking all the coffee, teas and sodas.

Pure, clean water cannot be understated. In my mind, this is a CLEAR example that sometimes the research and science might not point to the benefits of increased water consumption but in a real life situation, it’s a fact that you’ll feel better if you do increase your water intake within a reasonable level.

How much water should you drink per day?  8-12 glass may be the recommended levels you’d seen, but that is a bit too low for the average to above-average bodybuilder.

Or to quote Quickfinch, a member of… “We should all immediately stop drinking water and replace our 8 glasses of H2O with coffee and Red Bull.”  :-)

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Meal Plans Need Not Be Difficult

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Meal variety sucks and how that can be the single factor that leads you away from yourmeal planning goals.

Pull up a chair and hear me out please.

“Variety Sucks!” – he said.

My eyes were wide open like a kid who just heard his first swear word when I heard that. In fact, stunned because many people who I’ve run across told me that variety in my meals is the KEY to success.

You know what I mean don’t you?

“No not that kind of variety,” he said. “Meal variety. When you change your meals all the time. Everything has to be new for each meal. You get bored right? So you always have to have something different. That sucks.”


Photo Credit: by helenjane

Again, I couldn’t believe my ears and yet, he was right.

You probably already know this…

What if you continually change your meals all the time, so it’s always a new meal every day. Of course you won’t be bored but what you will find impossible to do is stick with your plan and maintain a steady goal.

Obviously you can understand that makes perfect sense!

You’re probably wondering if most professional bodybuilders and those who you admire have pretty boring diets.

Let’s take an example of Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or any number of other commercial diets on the market today.

Okay, you’re probably wondering…

What do they all have in common?

Face it… they are all using pre-planned meals!

Don’t miss a word of this…

You are never guessing at what to eat or making hasty choices without full well knowing exactly how many calories are in that meal, the protein, carb and fat contents too.

Knowing this is critical to keeping your meals targeted towards your goals. The more variety you have, the harder it will be to stick with a set meal plan to ensure you are getting the proper nutrients as well as enough calories.

And now you begin to realize that variety does suck.

Do you ever try and create a meal on the fly?

No planning just go to a restaurant and pick something off the menu only to track your meal later and find out you were way over your goal or you aren’t close to your calories for the day and have to literally stuff yourself later?

Here’s my confession…

My greatest success in terms of nutrition have come from a variety of pre-planned meals. 7 day meal plans where I know what I’m going to eat, what to shop for and all of them laser targeted towards my goal.

You see, variety in the food choices isn’t a bad thing at all. Variety ensures we are getting the proper nutrients and ratios. It helps to have several pre-planned meals so that you aren’t too bored but you know what’s ahead.

Pre-planning your meals for the week lets you go shopping for the foods you need as well.

Think of how impossible it will be to just “eat” if you don’t give some thought into the meals you are having to reach your goals.

Grocery shopping would be a nightmare if I didn’t already know my meals well in advance.

I know your boring alarm is going off right now but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Plan out your meals. The more pre-planned meals you have, the easier it will be to shop. The faster you can put together something that meets your needs.

The people who simply must have a new breakfast, lunch and dinner so they don’t get bored with foods, are the ones always counting calories. They are always guessing at what meal they are about to eat if it fits their goals. They find out AFTER they have eaten it.

The successful people know before the food hits their mouth what the meal is doing for them. They already know how many calories. They know the portions. Calorie counting only had to happen once.

Think about this for a minute.

If you want variety in everything you eat and you don’t want to have pre-planned meals because that just sounds too boring, then realize that might be why you aren’t reaching your goals.

I’m not saying meals have to be boring and bland but you should know before hand what you are going to eat.

That’s a pre-planned meal.

That’s why variety in one sense of the meaning sucks!

Meal planning does not have to be complicated. If you want pre-designed, bodybuilding meal plans in a variety of calories ranges and the ability to create future unlimited combinations, take a look at the meal plans in the NoBull Bodybuilding Program.

meal plans

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In Defense Of Food May Be Naive

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Michael Pollan In Defense of Food

Photo By: Austin Kleon

“Benjamin Caballero, professor of nutrition, pediatrics, and international health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, calls Michael Pollan’s new book entitled “In Defense of Food,” naive in the extreme. Caballero says that Pollan’s statement “not to eat anything your great-grandmother would not approve of,” is meaningless and points to the fact that most grandmothers had 15 years less of life than their modern counterparts.”

Food to die for?

Just eat food!

My personal comments:  I’d say the same goes for the Paleolithic Diet!  Or Calorie Restrictive and the whatnot.  Diets coming out of the wood work based on what we assume to be 1,000 year old menu plans from cavemen who roamed around in search of food.

What gets me is that these people who PREACH these things… don’t look healthy and have the least amount of muscle mass on a human being I’ve ever seen.

No different from Atkin’s.  You can’t prove longevity on a diet that’s only been published a few years!  It’s going to take decades before such an assumption about life expectancy can be reached and concluded.  But hey… somebody’s getting rich off all these diets, colon cleansing and “You’ve Got Worms!” books.

Go get Burn the Fat if you want to learn how to eat.

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Ripped Abs Or the Abdominal Ripper?

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

This is an abs exercise that Nick Nilsson and Jeff Anderson just filmed that REALLY works your abs HARD!

Watch the video and it may appear that this is more of a chest/back exercise.

You’d be wrong!

Your abs do more than just look pretty on the beach…they actually have a function for your body (really?!).

While most people work their abdomen with exercises like situps and crunches, this abs exercise works your abs from a different angle…and use them in the way they were designed to move.

This is a KILLER abs exercise to add to your workout!

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