Cardio Myth Buster - Sean O’Malley

No matter what level of expertise you claim to be, chances are you’ve encountered or run across the myths of aerobic exercise and weight control. Maybe you fell prey to a few of them and maybe you just silently chuckled as the poor sap next you just did 60 minutes of cardio bike work as a warm-up for the 2 hour spin class! It doesn’t matter…

Have you heard…

* Aerobic exercise is all you need to control your weight

* Aerobic exercise will increase your metabolism up to 24 hours

* The more you sweat, the more fat you burned

* You can burn fat from specific areas of your body

* Eating too many dairy products causes cellulite on your thighs

* Muscles will turn into fat when you stop exercising

* Low intensity cardio is better for fat loss than high intensity

* Aerobic exercises kills your appetite

* Losing fat is very difficult

Sean O’Malley of Cardio Coach changed my mind literally overnight! You’ve heard that line before but here’s how it happened.

I hate cardio. Don’t like it. Never did. Boring. Then Sean found my website and asked if I wanted to hear his Cardio Coach volumes. I’m a nice guy so I said I’d give it a shot.

No sooner then it hit my iPod, I was PUMPED up and actually into doing his challenges. The very next day, I went to and ordered a stationary bike I could use at home. I then grabbed all 6 volumes of Cardio Coach and never looked back. I use them exclusively over trying to create my own interval training programs or any other type of cardio. I refuse to this day to do any cardio if it’s not challenging and Sean, my Cardio Coach, is pushing me to the next level.

If you hate cardio workouts as much as I do, then you won’t be disappointed in Sean’s work. He’s got samples on his website. See if you don’t get pumped up after listening to his challenges.

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