How to Cure Tendonitis

The 6 Steps to Cure Tendonitis:

1- Stop Doing What Aggravates It

Most doctors would give this same advice (not I’m not a medical doctor). But it holds true in this case. If you can pin point what exercise or movement really makes your tendonitis feel worse, then try and avoid such movements. If there’s a particular shoulder or bicep or tricep movement that really turns up the burn, then for a short time period, don’t do that exercise.

2 - Ice

No more than 20 minutes. My own experience has been that 10 minutes works well immediately on the area when it’s inflamed and sore. You can use ice multiple times a day but only for short durations as you feel necessary.

3- Heat creams

This can be combined with the ice treatments. Most of the times, I have found that using a heat cream like AST Biofreeze, Tiger Balm or any other type of cream works well in a pre-workout situation. Warming up the area feels good. This can be used during the day and multiple times.

4- Support

Keep the movement of the area to a minimum. Tennis elbow gets aggravated the most when the area is under constant motion. By using some type of neoprene support, you can limit the motion of the area when it is not in use.

5- Ultra sound

To be used by a qualified individual of course but it seems to help break up any scar issue. Healing from the inside is possible. Short durations followed by deep tissue and the application of a heat cream seem best.

6- Deep tissue massage

Again, short duration but deep rubbing on the affected area. Breaking up the scar issue and bringing enhanced circulation
to the area is important.
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  1. FitFiend Says:

    I’ve got some serious issues with my tendonitis or bursitis in my shoulder. This really limits my upper body workouts. I keep taking time off for it to heal, but I guess I come back to soon. It is a great excuse to get a massage, though!

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