Hollywood’s Hot New Diet



Nothing pains me more than having to admit that I do look at US Weekly magazine (it’s my wife’s subscription not mine I swear). But what I saw on the cover today, I’ve seen several times in the last 8 months. And I gotta tell you….

There’s a pattern here and if you give me 2 minutes, I’ll tell you what I think it is…

Have you seen Hollywood’s Hot New Diet? You know the one where Jessica Simpson lost 20 pounds in just two months?

This diet is so hot that clients like Katherine Heigl, Mandy Moore, Alicia keys and Eva Mendes are going ga-ga over The 5-Factor Diet and its creator, fitness trainer Harley Pasternak.

Of course you get to see the exclusive food plan that Jess used to get down to her former Duke’s of Hazzard weight and…

It’s so easy you can do it too!

But I’d strongly recommend you don’t try this at home…


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Your Muscle Building Questions Answered


Just 10 years ago, you could have made the argument that there was too little information when it came to building muscle.  In this day and age, you can do the exact opposite.  There’s an information overload and many times having too much information is as bad as having too little.  In my last newsletter, instead of taking just one question, I opted to take some of the more frequently asked questions when it comes to building muscle. 

Staying focused on a goal was always the hardest thing for me to do.  Once I buckled down and learned about just one aspect of bodybuidling, the doors swung opened and all I can describe the sensation as is “fresh.”

In the last 22 hours, I’ve counted over 14 e-mails on the subject of gaining weight.  It’s obvious to me that so many are still struggling to find the answers. 

In a few 3 minutes you’ll learn:

  • where you should focus your time – training or nutrition?
  • the big supplement secret and why you must avoid falling prey to glossy ads
  • what’s the biggest mistake I made when I tried to gain weight (more…)

Stax System


Are you one of those people that knows should be eating about eating 5-6 meals a day. Frequent but smaller meals to boost your metabolism. In fact if you want to burn the most fat and you don’t eat frequent meals, it may be what’s holding you back from success. On the other hand, if you are one of the many people out there who wants to gain weight, you can’t afford to be skipping meals. Meal frequency and what to eat is a problem that looms over the heads of so many people. The #1 problem most people have besides starting to exercise is figuring out what to eat and how to eat that frequently without totally adjusting their daily lifestyles.

I gotta tell you about the Stax System. Some might say “meals on the go.” You are about to discover a breakthrough method to kick your organization woes to the curb.

Most of the time I wish my stopwatch would go off every 2 hours or so and remind me to eat. I’d also like it if I could organize my Tupperware a lot better in my cooler so that I could take the portions I needed. That’s about the time I ran across this website that talks about the Stax System.Stax System - Portable Meals on the Go

Colored containers, a pack to store them in, a freezer pack, a top lid, a carry strap and a timer on the front that you can set for 7 meals a day. It’s perfect. No more skipping meals and no more disorganized coolers stuffed with food.

Many people have problems eating 5-6 meals per day for their fitness goals. Having to deal with an additional layer of organization can easily derail the best made plans if you can’t pack your food quickly and easily for the next day.

If you are one of those people that has a meal plan in hand but struggles to get your act together when it comes to organization, this may be your savior.  I’ll let you in on a little personal secret of my own…. :-)

My BEST gains came when I purchased my own cooler.  Once it made it’s home on my kitchen countertop every single day, packing it in the morning became as routine as brushing my teeth.  I started eating better foods and never skipped meals.  The gains almost came overnight.  My biggest problem was not taking my own darned advice.  Packing meals is critical to eating enough quality foods during the day.  If you are organizing and planning your meals, you leave yourself wide open to skipping meals and making hasty food choices.


How to Cure Tendonitis


The 6 Steps to Cure Tendonitis:

1- Stop Doing What Aggravates It

Most doctors would give this same advice (not I’m not a medical doctor). But it holds true in this case. If you can pin point what exercise or movement really makes your tendonitis feel worse, then try and avoid such movements. If there’s a particular shoulder or bicep or tricep movement that really turns up the burn, then for a short time period, don’t do that exercise.

2 – Ice

No more than 20 minutes. My own experience has been that 10 minutes works well immediately on the area when it’s inflamed and sore. You can use ice multiple times a day but only for short durations as you feel necessary.

3- Heat creams

This can be combined with the ice treatments. Most of the times, I have found that using a heat cream like AST Biofreeze, Tiger Balm or any other type of cream works well in a pre-workout situation. Warming up the area feels good. This can be used during the day and multiple times.


Craig Ballantyne – 4 Greatest Secrets in Fat Loss History


” The 4 Greatest Secrets In Fat Loss History”

You won’t believe the questions Craig Ballantyne, the author of Turbulence Training,Fat Loss Secrets answered in this interview! There wasn’t anything he shyed away from or avoided. In this special report, you will know The Secret (4 to be exact) that will lead you to the ultimate body of your dreams. These closely guarded secrets are things the pros know and use every single day. If you don’t think that fat loss is a metal game, you are sadly mistaken. Let Craig show you what you need to do in order to burn fat fast!

Read the full story to download the interview and MP3 instantly (no e-mail address required).


Optimum Anabolics – Who is the Muscle Nerd?


I’m sure by now you’ve heard me mention Optimum Anabolics by Jeff Anderson, who has been called “the Muscle Nerd”.optimum anabolics

What you may NOT know is that Jeff wasn’t always the muscle nerd. Jeff was frustrated like everybody else but he did something about it. (more…)

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