Top 12 Beginner Questions and Answers I sure wis…


Top 12 Beginner Questions and Answers

I sure wish I had more time to write up what this free eBook is all about!

Rather than bore you with marketing hype, here’s word for word what people
have emailed me after reading this short but jam-packed report.

“You have done a good job of cutting through all the hype.”– Wade Noah
“Brilliant E-book.”–
Matthew Rees

“I’m fifty now and I can tell you I’ve heard it all. It’s refreshing to hear the truth for a change. The facts that you present in the Beginners e-book says more than all the hype in popular fitness magazines combined.”– Ronnie Spann

“The information inside is very solid and straight forward, and anyone who is new to bodybuilding- even those who are not so new- can gain a great amount of essential knowledge, saving a lot of wasted time and effort from the start.”– John-Paul

“I’ve learned so much already in less than five minutes! Thank you very much!”– Victor Alarcon

“I think your e-book (the sample e-book that covered 12 basic principles) was very precise and covered the main fundamentals well. It’s good to hear honesty and integrity within the fitness industry rather than promising quick fixes.”– Will Darsow

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…URGENT request for help!


I need your help!

You see, right this minute there is an ONLINE bodybuilding contest being held called the “Optimum Anabolics Challenge”…but it’s NOT for steroid-pumping pro’s!

But here’s the cool part (and where I desperately need your help!)…

I’m Contestant #22 in this Optimum Anabolic’s Challenge.

Yup, that’s right. I officially entered Jeff’s challenge because I love testing out new routines and programs. I’ll admit I’ve used his program twice before with incredible results.

Here’s a link to check out these amazing 30 “before & after” photos:

(You will vote for me right? Contestant # 22 ) ;-)

P.S. Okay you can cast your vote for whoever you want. I just had to ask.

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