5 Star Arm Workouts


Written by Tom Venuto

Next to “six pack abs,” the one muscle group that almost every man and woman wants the most is arms. So, instead of boring you with a ton of arm training physiology and long words like capillarization and coracobrachialis (yawn), and instead of giving you a single arm routine (gets old too fast), I’m going to skip the science and theory and go straight to the good stuff! In this article, I am simply going to give you a master list – an “anthology” – of the most result-producing arm routines in bodybuilding history!

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Can I build muscle and lose fat at the same time?


If you are reading this, then you have asked this question…

“Can I build muscle and lose fat at the same time?”

There’s 10 million different ways to give an answer to that one and I’ve written my own as well. But the BEST answer I’ve seen to date is from Tom Venuto and his new interview style ebook called, The Fat Burn Files. Here’s but a small excerpt from one of the interviews in this outstanding book…

Chris Mohr: If someone comes to you and wants to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, what would you recommend?

Tom Venuto: I’ve answered this question many times before and I have a standard answer which is, don’t make that your goal. Focus on one or the other. If you gain a few pounds of muscle during your fat loss phase, great. Consider that an extra bonus. If you lose a little fat during your mass building phase, great, consider that an extra bonus. However, it’s far more physiologically and psychologically efficient to put your focus on one goal or the other because each objective requires a totally different nutritional approach.

Remember what we said about calories for gaining mass. In our example, we said 15% or about a 500-calorie surplus. That would be about 3500 calories a day with a 3000-calorie maintenance level. For fat loss you need a deficit of at least 500 calories and sometimes an aggressive deficit of 1000 calories. That would be 2000–2500 calories a day. How are you going to gain maximum mass on 2000–2500 calories a day? You’re not. The only way to achieve this goal is to alternate between periods of caloric deficit and caloric surplus, but then you are compromising both, right?

I’ve also found that people who want to gain mass who also want to lose fat or who are very concerned about gaining fat, tend to under-consume calories, and they end up not gaining any mass at all. You need a very strong commitment and mental focus on your mass gaining goal if you want to be successful at it.

This is an excerpt from Tom Venuto’s latest book, the fat burn files www.thefatburnfiles.com

While it won’t be released until July 2006 or something, you can get on the announcement list early.

Go sign up for the announcement list if you liked the above explanation. The rest of the book only gets better. That is but one of hundreds of interview question and answers.


To Your Health and Success,

Marc David

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3 Principles of Success


3 Principles of Success as Taught to Me by Jimmy D Brown

What’s the real difference between running a business and taking on the responsibility of health and fitness as a lifestyle?

Not a lot to be honest. And if you look at your current situation, you will see as I did, that the 3 Principles of Success will apply to your goals.

Many gurus (or at least one I know) will start off their programs with a clear call to action asking you to write down your goals. Without specifics and a path to follow, it’s very easy to get lost.

Look over these principles as you listen to the podcast.When I first started this podcast, these principles were easy to understand and apply towards a business. Jimmy D Brown is a valued and trusted Internet Marketer. But what does marketing have to do with fitness?

1) The Principle of Effort

  • Take action
  • Take your best shots in life
  • #1 opponent = discouragement

2) The Principle of Focus

  • Swing for something specific
  • #2 opponent = distraction
  • Impatience is the forerunner to failure
  • You need to gain momentum

3) The Principle of Reason

  • Make an informed choice
  • What should I focus my efforts on?
  • It’s not how to use your time, it’s how to BEST use your time!

To your fitness success,

Marc David