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How can a vegetarian get complete proteins?

Thursday, August 11th, 2005


really like the podcasts, good stuff man. I gots a question for ya. How can I make sure I’m getting enough protein in my diet, when I’m a vegetarian?

When I work out I can push myself really hard and only make very slight gains over a long period, and I figure it’s because my diet doesn’t allow for enough protein, so any advice?

Liverpool, UK



The best post I’ve seen on vegetarian sources of protein and instructions on how to mix and match them to make a complete protein can be found at:

Vegetarian Needs Protein

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Do you have any recommendations for a home gym?

Thursday, August 11th, 2005


Hi Marc. Over the past few years, I have developed a severe allergy to rubber compounds. Unfortunately, it has reached a point where I am unable to continue going into public gyms. Are there any home gyms that you would recommend (eg: BowFlex) for someone who is a beginner and needs something that is both safe for training alone and adaptable for a training program?

Thank you.



There’s quite a few home gyms I would recommend. Boxflex, Soloflex…. pretty much any of them. What I really would suggest though is that you try them out. See what you like, space issues, and if you like the feel of them.

You can also see if there’s anything that might cause a problem.

While there is no particular brand I like over another, I think they are good choices for those who just want to get fit, can’t join a gym and do have the space and time to workout at home.

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Help! I’m skinny and I can’t gain weight

Thursday, August 11th, 2005


Hi! I discovered your Podcasts and I just can’t stop listening’em. They are so helpful.

I have a question: I’ve been going to the gym for about 2 years. But I don’t see the results I want. I keep thin, but I want to gain weight. I even bought a protein shake, but it didn’t work. A co-worker of mine gave me a bottle of Oxandrin. But I read on the internet that its use can damage yor kidneys and liver, among other things.

What do you think about it? Should I take it or not?





Many thanks for the comments. I really appreciate that. Look for a lot more. I do them on a regular basis.

Now let’s just answer this question.

You are skinny. You can’t seem to gain weight.
You once bought a protein shake but that didn’t work out.
Somebody gave you a supplement and you want to know if it’s going to work and if it’s safe.

Have you heard the podcast on weight gain? I’m going to link you to that because I want you to listen to it again (if you did) and go sign up for the weight gain eCourse that is offered. You’ll get a very cool 15 things you must do to gain weight ebook for free that you can print out and read.

The information is very valuable.

Taking protein shakes is fine except it’s got to be with real foods. And it only makes sense when you have figured out how many calories a day you need to gain weight and how much protein you need as well.

Supplements are not necessary. Let me put it this way. 97% is nutrition and training. 3% is supplements.

No supplement is going to help you permanently with your weight gain solution.

My point is: Forget all the crap and focus on your diet. If you cannot gain weight via foods, you will never put on a decent pound via a supplement. And the second you quit taking a weight gainer, you can kiss the weight good-bye.

When your diet is tight. Then the 3% can make a difference and you can dive into the supplement world. Full well knowing you have your nutrition and training down solid.

But that’s like asking to drive on the Indy 500 before you leaned how to ride a bike.

Start off slow.

As far as Oxandrin. Toss it or give it back. Who knows what it is. Maybe the information you found was valid. Maybe it’s bull. Either way, it’s not going to make a difference. Certainly not long term.

So here’s what you do:

1) Go listen here:

2) Sign up for the Anthony Ellis weight gain mini-series

It’s the middle ecourse.

3) Grab the Top 12 Beginner Mistakes report

You’ll see the eBook cover and sign up box on the right hand side of that page.

Once you know how many calories a day you need to gain weight and you start tracking that, your gains will come. By listening to that particular podcast, you’ll see what I mean. And Anthony puts together a really good, short series of emails about the subject.

At the end, I give a bonus that is a 15 things you must do to gain mass PDF that you can read. If you aren’t doing those 15 things… well then you won’t be gaining weight.

Juan, that’s about it. It’s simple but not easy. I know. I used to be 130 lbs in high school and I never gained an ounce. I tried supplements too. What I didn’t do was eat right. Because I just didn’t know what the heck that meant.

Hope this helps,


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How important is protein to my muscles and other questions

Friday, August 5th, 2005


Hello marc, I am a fan of you podcast but i have some questions about protein.

  1. How does it help with my muscules?
  2. When should i take it and what are good sources of protien?
  3. Is it true that if i take some protein shakes or bars or pills and i dont work out it will just turn into fat?
  4. Is there a certain amount i should take depending on my workout?

I think it would be great if you answered explained all these questions in a podcast for everyone to listin or you could just send me an email. thanks for your time.



Thanks Tomas! Let’s get to the answers.

How important is it? Protein is muscle. So without protein, you can’t build muscle. Muscle isn’t made up of carbs or fats. When your body breaks down and needs to repair itself, it’s demanding protein.

You should take a lean protein with every meal. Some good sources of protein are :

Whey Protein Concentrate, in bulk
Lean red meats

Anything to excess can be stored as fat. It’s a common myth to think that protein won’t be stored as fat. While not as easily stored as fat, it can and will be if you consume more then you need. It’s all about how many calories a day you need versus what you consume.

The 30g a day is crap. Works for some and not for others. Grab that Top 12 Mistakes report from the website. In there is a method to calucate your protein needs based on your activity and body fat levels. You will get a number that works for you and not some generic random number that is generally acceptable.

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Should I consume protein and carbs after a cardio workout?

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005


I know that I need protein after a weight workout but does this apply to cardio as well?


Yes. Post nutrition is important period. Working out with weights or doing cardio, you really should focus on good post-workout nutrition.

That means complex carbs and proteins.

Now most manuals, books and programs today will focus on post-workout nutrition AFTER a weight workout.

Nobody even mentions cardio.

It’s like do your cardio. Shower. Go on about your business.

But the fact is, you burned carbs, you worked out and if bulking you risk the chance of losing a little muscle mass if you go catabolic over anabolic.

Now I’m not saying PIG OUT. You are doing cardio to lean up and have a healthy heart.

But I’m saying that post-workout nutrition is often overlooked. And many programs don’t even talk about it.

My rule is:

If I workout, I do some type of post-workout nutrition that includes 30g of protein and 40+ grams of carbs.

Not enough to slam my body will too many calories but enough to replenish what I might have lost (energy) and keep myself anabolic and the muscles feed at all times.

Hope this helps,

Marc David

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Can taking a cold shower cause cramping?

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005


Hi Marc,

I have heard of people getting cramps or stroke from showering too soon after an intense workout.
Is it a myth or is there some truth to that. If there is truth to it, how long should one wait before showering or freshening up?

Best regards,




It goes like this.

Let’s say you workout super hard, it’s hot. Your body is at it’s top level temp. You instantly take a very cold shower.

Your blood vessels constrict quickly.

Not only can you cramp up but you can do a lot more damage.

Don?t let that statement alarm you.

For example…

Have you ever gone in a hot tub, been very warm and rushed to jump in the pool?

The shock is refreshing but it’s usually not cold enough to do any serious damage other then to cool you down quickly and feel ‘neat.’

However, when you are hot and you take a cold (very cold) shower, you can restrict the blood vessels very quickly which can cause cramping.

So just how long should you wait?

Put it this way.

Get your post-workout nutrition. Drink some cold water.

Then hit the shower and make it cold or cool but not freezing.

That will lower your body temp but not shock you and cause your blood vessels to constrict too quickly. In fact, done right it can be beneficial and help in recovery!

Hope that helps Moody.


Thanks to a fellow listener who pointed this out, it seems that ice baths are employed by rugby players to aid in recovery. Notice that when you read this article, the pictures all show them waist deep and legs are mentioned.

I’m guessing that flusing the blood out of your upper body would be a bad idea! :-)

Why rugby players love ice baths