10 fitness sites that I highly recommend – Part 5


My own personal sister site to Freedomfly.net. While it’s similar, there’s many more fitness articles all arranged in categories. Searching is a breeze and you’ll find topics on weight loss, muscle building, fitness podcasts, bodybuilding news and the FAQs. The FAQs are actually the secret highlight of the site because it really focuses in on the Q & A format. Don’t forget to look for the link on the left that says f.ree stuff. There’s reports, supplement guides and workout routines that get added there. I’ve been told the layout is really clean and easy to navigate.

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Again, another excellent Tom Ventuo resource but for those who visit Fitren and subscribe to his ezines, you’ll find that most of his stuff is general fitness and overall health and lean muscle gains. But now here’s a site of Tom that you don’t see often. It’s hardcore! I don’t recommend beginners follow this at all. But if you are well versed in bodybuilding, he posts some pretty interesting stuff and there’s even workouts for you that I don’t recommend you follow but if you get bored… you won’t be after those. Absolutely great reads on this blog if nothing else.

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