10 fitness sites that I highly recommend – Part 4


Created by Robert DiMaggio, it’s one of the foundational sites on the net next to Bodybuilding.com. Robert told me once that people laughed, told him he would never made it.
Well nobody is laughing now. Robert has created a one of a kind site that offers great info, links to every more resources, and his own bodybuilding forum. He’s even introduced a supplement company called Ironmaglabs.com Brand new. Looks promising. Just a start-up so far. Keep an eye out!

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A very interesting site. Supplement reviews, homemade creatine brews, workouts, a bulking guide and it appears to be run by a one man show, Jim. I’ve never meet Jim, nor had a conversation, but I’ve found myself at his site several times looking and finding some good information. I’m going to hold my tongue on saying anything I know nothing about other then, I’ve visited, and liked this site on numerous occasions. I think you will too.

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